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New Castle County: Don't Protect Israel's Illegal Settlements

On September 29, New Castle County Councilman Robert Weiner introduced an ordinance to have the county's pension fund "sell, redeem, divest or withdraw" any investments in corporations that boycott Israel or companies based "in territories controlled by the State of Israel." 

The ordinance also would require New Castle County's pension fund to divest from any institutional investors, such as mutual funds, which divest from Israeli corporations or those "in territories controlled by the State of Israel."

Put simply, Weiner's ordinance is designed to protect Israel's illegal settlements in Palestinian land by punishing corporations and investors which refuse to be complicit in Israel's colonization.

On November 18, the New Castle County pension board voted not to pass the ordinance thanks to our advocacy. But the county council could still vote to approve it as early as December 8. Please sign the petition below and we'll deliver it to the county government.

Help us send a strong signal to the New Castle County that Israel's settlements are illegal and that corporations and investors should be praised, not sanctioned, for refusing to do business with corporations profiting from Israel's theft of Palestinian land.


As residents of New Castle County, we urge you to vote against Ordinance 15-093 requiring the Pension Board to prohibit investment in firms which act to “limit commercial relations with” companies located in illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. The U.S. and the majority of members of the international community consider the settlements illegal and an obstacle to peace, and occupied Palestinian territory not a legitimate part of Israel. The occupation, almost every aspect of which violates the Geneva Conventions, denies millions of Palestinians basic human rights and causes enormous suffering. Ordinance 15-093 supports illegal settlements and human rights violations and we urge you to oppose it.



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