Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary, 2013:

  • 5 Broken Cameras
  • The Gatekeepers


5 Broken Cameras (2012)

From a review by Abdeen Jabara on Mondoweiss, 1/10/13:

" spent this morning calling friends to get their friends and their friends' friends to go down and see the film, Five Broken Cameras. I saw it last night, and I was blown away.

Anybody who's interested in peace, justice in Palestine/Israel, has to see this movie. It’s an incredible documentary about the steadfastness of the villagers in Bil'in and of the steadfastness of this one fellow, Emad Burnat, who wanted to report what was happening to his village and the taking of the land. And it’s a testament to the the Israelis who are supporting the people of Bil'in, that they got the wherewithal to make a world-class showing, of the standard of the Battle of Algiers, although this is a documentary, and Battle of Algiers was a staged recreation.

The film interweaves this fellow Burnat's life and his family’s life and the story of his youngest child Gibreel over the five years of these demonstrations, what happens with this child-- the filming, the raids on the village, the Israelis' arrests of young boys. And all of this is interwoven into a story that is immensely powerful.

The film received the public backing of influential documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and I'm sure his ongoing promotion of the film helped. You can watch it on Hulu Plus online and it's still in theaters."

The Gatekeepers (2012) 

From Mondoweiss:

"Also nominated was The Gatekeepers, a film critical of Israel that features interviews with six former heads of the Shin Bet who repudiate their past carrying out Israeli occupation policy. As Phil [Weiss]wrote on the film, 'The film's prominence, following the earlier success of The Law in These Parts and 5 Broken Cameras, signals a new discourse in the United States: Our prestige media are going to start talking about the vicious cruelty of the occupation.'"

With God on Our Side (2010) 

Qalqilya (in production)

Qalqilya is a story about facing the most formidable barriers, and how we can repel off the walls that surround us and learn how to fly. This feature length documentary film is about a group of Palestinian youth who are skating, performing beatbox, hip hop and parkour in Qalqilya – a city in the West Bank that is almost entirely surrounded by Israel’s Wall.

They practice mostly at night in the back alleys and streets, as they are outsiders in the city and do not have any proper facilities. Their dream is to perform and find a safe space to train where more young Palestinians can experience the freedom they have discovered. To do this they must overcome the physical and cultural walls surrounding them.

The goal of the film is to generate support and funding for the first skate/parkour-park in Palestine. We have just finished the principle photography and are beginning post-production.

The Great Book Robbery Film

Between April 1948 and February 1949, the Israeli army and librarians of israel National Library "collected" 30,000 books from Palestinians who were forced to abandon their homes in Jerusalem. Watch the full film bel